Artist Profiles

Justin Thomas James



Justin has always been drawn to the creative arts and throughout his education and career, he has dabbled in many different creative fields. Music has always been a main passion for him, and he has been performing on his piano and guitar for over 10 years. Lately, he has focused his creative interests down the path of acting, specifically in the world of voiceovers. He is currently recording and producing audiobooks to be sold on and is having a blast in this line of work. He hopes to one day narrate books for some of his favourite authors, including Brandon Sanderson and Stephen King.

Justin performs the voice-over for the poem “Celebrating Canada, An Ancient Land With Ancient History”.



Brooke Palmer



Brooke Palmer is a digital nomad, musician, and early childhood educator from North Carolina.  She travels about half of the year and the other half, she calls Otres Beach, Cambodia home.  Brooke performs live around the world, writes and records original music, and teaches ukulele through her youtube channel, Traveling Uke.  You can link to her online work and social media at

Brooke performs the music and vocals in “Five Little Dolphins”, inspired by Scribbles & Rhymes debut book “Henrietta”.





Dan Volchok


Dan Volchok is a guitarist/singer/producer type of breed. Constantly searching for new sounds to play with, it’s this mentality that allows him to embrace dipping his toes into new avenues of the recording industry. Voice acting is a brand new venture for Dan, and he is ecstatic that his first experience is with a great children’s story such as An Awakening Night.

Dan Volchok performs the voices of the farmer and the bear in the audio book of “An Awakening Night”.



Mike Norris

MikeNorris2 (1)

Mike Norris is a professional musician and songwriter. He has played with various bands and done many solo shows as a performer that have taken him from coast to coast across Canada many times as well as travelling throughout the United States.

As a songwriter Mike Norris has written more than 600 songs throughout his career and continues writing to this day. He is the recipient of more than twenty different songwriting awards. His most recent was from the West Coast Songwriters Association, based in San Francisco – California, where he won the number one spot for best song of the year out of a field of 1,400 other songwriters.

His musical interests are varied but for a short time Mike delved into the world of children`s music. During this brief period he produced and recorded three children`s musicals in a six month period and a children`s song that was not part of those musicals but was written as a standalone piece which was called “Under A Northern Moon”. 


Mike is the singer and song-writer of “Under a Northern Moon”, which inspired Scribbles & Rhymes second children’s picture book, with an animated short film in the works.







Phoebe Batteson-Brown


Phoebe Batteson-Brown is an English actress and voice over artist. Examples of her voice work includes the narration for a DVD Fashion business course ‘My Fashion Business’, a regular tour guide narrator for izi.Travel, voices in the recent exhibition at the British Library, ‘Enduring War’, as well as numerous animations, commercials and games.  As an actress, Phoebe works regularly in theatre in London, and her first feature film, ‘Early Bird’, in which she plays the female lead will be released this year.

Phoebe Batteson-Brown is the narrator and voice of Henrietta and Finnius in the audio book of “Henrietta”.

Phoebe’s website







Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose was born and raised in Toronto. She graduated from the University of Toronto with an honours BA in Philosophy, Music, and English.  Lucy has been writing for stage for about seven years now, picking up a number of awards in theatre festivals during her studies.  Henrietta is Lucy’s first venture into the world of illustrated children’s books.

Lucy Rose is the writer of “Henrietta”.






Shawna Lee Campbell

Shawna Lee Campbell is a writer and illustrator from Toronto Canada. Classically trained in fine art at The Toronto School of Art and The Art Centre at Central Tech, Shawna focusses in painting, drawing and photography. Having strong environmental and humanitarian interests Shawna Lee enjoys living, working and travelling in diverse parts of the world. Some of her travels include Canada, U.S.A., China, Jamaica, England, and Finland. She works in Early Childhood Education and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Studies from Ryerson University.

Shawna Lee is the Founder and Creative Director of Scribbles and Rhymes.  She is the illustrator of “Henrietta” and “Under a Northern Moon”.  Shawna is both the author and illustrator of “An Awakening Night”.