“An Awakening Night”


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A dark but humorous story told in rhyme, “An Awakening Night” details the tragic consequences of climate change and offers practical strategies to address this serious issue that effects us and our planet, our home.

A farmer wakes in the night, frightened to find a lone wanderer in his kitchen. Who is this wanderer? How and why did they arrive?

“An Awakening Night” is not a bedtime story, it is a story of awakening.



“Listen to the tale of a night so bewitchin’, the King of The North wandered into my kitchen.

A messenger of justice had come in the night, as the moon outside sparkled eerie and bright.” 

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Audio Book

Performance by Dan Volchok

Written and Directed by Shawna Lee Campbell

Edited by Ryan J. Bradshaw and Sorina Fant.

Recorded at Number9 Audio Group

Engineered By Bernardo Francisco Cisternas

Filmed by Varman Nava

Scheduled for Release: Earth Day, April 22, 2017

Picture Book

Written and Illustrated by Shawna Lee Campbell

Edited by Ryan J. Bradshaw and Sorina Fant.

Graphic Design by Kevin Winters

Available for Pre-order: April 22, 2017

Release: September 2017




“Under a Northern Moon” 

Once a year, if the night is clear, on the night of the Northern moon, all of the animals in the forest get together to have a party to celebrate life before they have to hibernate for the winter.  On this particular Northern moon, a traveller just happens to set up his camp on the very spot where the celebration is to take place, it is the story of what happens when a human tries to join in with the animals in their party.

“Under a Northern Moon” is a children’s picture book illustrated by Shawna Lee Campbell, set to the music and lyrics performed by Mike Norris.

Picture book available for order and MP3 download available at

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Written by Lucy Rose and illustrated by Shawna Lee Campbell,  “Henrietta” is the debut book of Scribbles & Rhymes. The picture book is accompanied with an audio play performed by Phoebe Batteson-Brown.

“Henrietta” is a modest and whimsical story about that crucial moment in childhood when reality collides with fantasy.

Picture book and audio book cd available for order, audio book MP3 available for download at

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Official Book Trailer

The Audio Book 








Scribbles & Rhymes is actively seeking new artists and projects.

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“Under a Northern Moon” Animated Music Video

Seeking talented animator or animation team for short film/music video maximum 5 minutes in length. Must be able to render illustration style from the print book “Under A Northern Moon.

View book trailer for art work.



Written by Shawna Lee Campbell scheduled for publication in late 2016 early 2017.  “MiMi” is a simple story/biography of the beautiful and inspiring kitten Shawna rescued while living in Suzhou, China. Partial proceeds from this book will go towards the Suzhou Small Animal Protection Association.

Currently seeking talented photographer to illustrate “MiMi”. Interested in highly artistic photos of cats or kittens in interesting poses or scenarios.  Will consider both colour or black and white photography.

“Monkey Child”

Lyrics written by Shawna Lee Campbell.

Lyrics and basic rhythm are composed. Looking for musicians to expand musical content.  Seeking a soprano singer, a rapper and a drummer. (Box drum or hand drum).

“Go Away Monster”

A children’s lullaby, lyrics and music by Shawna Lee Campbell.  Will be accompanied by a short film/music video incorporating collage animation and sign language. All positions for song and video are needed including but not limited to, sign language consultant, child singer/actor, cinematographer, animator, sound technician and video editor skilled in collaging live video and animation.

Please submit material/portfolio relevant to project to with project title as subject line.