Mission Statement

Scribbles & Rhymes unites quality artistry in literature, film, music and art for young minds. 

We aspire to encourage a love of books, an interest in literacy and work to preserve the art of the book  for future generations.

Producing music and film for children, Scribbles & Rhymes accelerates young creative minds with a broad love of the arts.  While engaging the imagination, we hope to inspire young children with curiosity, passion and confidence as well as environmental and humanitarian interests to contribute to a kinder world.

All books and print products published by Scribbles & Rhymes are produced with the highest of environmental standards with

The Forest Stewardship Council of Canada.

Turning Pages  is the social justice department of Scribbles & Rhymes.

We will be donating 5% of each print run to children in need throughout Canada and around the world.  As our business grows and thrives with your support, we plan to increase our contribution amount.