Audio Book Cover
Audio Book Cover

Henrietta – Paperback and The Audio Book CD


“Henrietta” is a modest and whimsical story about that crucial moment in childhood, when reality collides with fantasy. As Henrietta is growing older, she begins to lose faith in magic. With the help of Finnius and his friends, a magical pod of flying dolphins, Henrietta realizes that magic can still exist when you are older. While magic can always be found in the nooks and crannies of your imagination, you can also find it by travelling the world and seeking adventures in all of its pockets. Embark on a magical adventure and travel the universe with Henrietta, Finnius and friends.

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$16.00 (book) + $4.00 (CD) + $4.00 Shipping and Handling


Written By Lucy Rose

Performance by Phoebe Batteson-Brown With Introduction by Martin Phillips

Illustrations by Shawna Lee Campbell

Sound Design by Christan Mariyanayagam DJM LIVE/Studio 32

Directed by Shawna Lee Campbell

Produced by Scribbles & Rhymes


Cheerful Marimba by Him Production

Peaceful Minute by Avranchesavenue

Sound Effects:

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